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Affichage des articles dont le libellé est Andy Jaggers. Afficher tous les articles

lundi 28 septembre 2020

Standalone series: ADJ (Pyramid Transmissions - UK)- Electro / breaks

This week, Le Catalyste is proud to resume and open its Fifth year with a 
true underground electronic Music Activist : ADJ

Andy Jaggers is a DJ, Producer, Label owner (Pyramid Transmissions Record), Events and club runner, radio show presenter. He was also records shop Owner at IQ records in the 90's !!

As a DJ, he has played at many festivals and clubs from Moscow to Miami and last year saw another tour of the US with Silicon Scally, Ben Milstein, EVAC, Ion Driver and 214.

He also runs the Dodo Club and Frequency Resonate(with Errorbeauty) nights in London for the last 8 years.

You can hear ADJs monthly PYRAMID TRANSMISSIONS Radioshow on the web: and archived on @pyramid-transmissions

He just released an anthology of his music from the last 20 odd years on double vinyl on London based @forthosethatknoe Label.

Tere is also a wonderfull electronica/sweet techno Ep reissue on 'A Colourful Storm', an Australian inprint :

For Le Catalyste, he delivers what is does the best, a 2h Vinyl Dj Set full of Electro masterpieces. Tracklist bellow ! Enjoy !

tracklist: (@adj-808)

1) Trichome - Thoth Lowrider
2) Droid - Attack
3) ADJ - Sonar Transmission (unreleased)
4) Syrte - 1815350400
5) Defunkt Dialect - Something for your Safety (unreleased)
6) Armec - Signal Sweeps
7) Ara U - Arvo's Sound Speech (Carl Finlow remix)
8) Fleck Esc - Domino Effect
9) 214 - It Never Really Ends
10) Setrus - Set Descial
11) Datacrashrobot - Synchronous Serial Communication
12) Rico Casazza - Enada Mello
13) Silicon Scally - Lines of
14) Adam Jay - Hapax Legomena
15) A Future - No Era (Akex Jann remix)
16) Datacrashrobot - Phased Array
17) Info Cifon - Reinforced Soul
18) Syrte - Obedience Paradox
19) Sematic 4 - Cirkadian
20) Bodro - Bad Symphony
21) ADJ - Realignment
22) BPMF - Star Clique
23) Syrte - Mechanical Matriarch
24) Wee Djs - B2 (forthcoming on PTV016)
25) Barking - Scylla
26) Datacrashrobot - Burst Transmission
27) Syrte - Simluation Stimulation
28) Hatch - Fresh (unreleased)
29) Wormfarm - Soboxone

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