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dimanche 6 février 2022

Standalone series: Manda Hu (Techno / Beer Sheba / Israel)

Le Catalyste resumes with Manda Hu (@sublimephase) for episode #124.
This Israelian DJ was raised with European Techno, UK Jungle and Chicago/Detroit house music.
DJing in underground parties in his hometown of Beer Sheba and Israel's big city Tel Aviv. He started his own Techno label "Night and the City" in 2014 and ran it until 2018. During that period he collaborated with artists such as Robert Armani, K. Alexi Shelby, Brendon Moeller, Affie Yusuf and others.He released on the famous Techno imprint Labrynth and on Irregular Synth's label Dirty Minds.

These days David's newest work can be found on his Bandcamp page, and many tracks are about to be re-released in the coming months.

He has sent us a 2h set going from a slow motion broken very long ramp up to a dark & hard basement Techno set showing how vast is his love for electronic Music ! Enjoy!!


1. Steve Roach – Neomorphic (Original Mix)
2. Inquiry – What Indeed You Do Love (Original Mix)
3. Konerytmi – Naantali (Original Mix)
4. Pinch – Brain Scan (Original Mix)
5. Fiesta Soundsystem – How's That (Original Mix)
6. Stefan Kibellus – The Star Observer (Original Mix)
7. Adiel – Vibra (Original Mix)
8. Sei A – Forget Now (Original Mix)
9. Norbak – Raru (Original Mix)
10. Temudo – Abnormally Thick (Original Mix)
11. Boddika – Walk Talk (Original Mix)
12. Mary Velo – Prophecy (Original Mix)
13. Cardao – Faith (Vertical Spectrum Remix)
14. Developer – Lost Moments (Len Faki Hardspace Mix)
15. Init1 – Proxy (Original Mix)
16. Deep'a & Biri – Seeking Solace (Z.I.P.P.O Remodel)
17. Antonio De Angelis – Elements (Original Mix)
18. S-file – Switch (Original Mix)
19. Roman Poncet – Walfisch (Robert Hood Remix)
20. Johannes Heil – Paranoid Dancer (DJ Hell Remix)
21. Hieroglyphic Being – Side 2 Side (Black Hands Version)
22. David Moran – Extraction (Original Mix)
23. Xhei – The Hypnotist (Christian Wunsch Remix)
24. Marco Shuttle – Sing Like A Bird (Peter Van Hoesen Remix)