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samedi 11 avril 2020

Standalone Series: Salenko (Moustache Music Radio / Belgium) - Lofi Exp Techno

ՏɑӀҽղƘօ_ Pandemic Mixtape 😷

Salenko is a musical activist, mushroom hunter, record hoarder, MoustacheMusic Radio host since 2012 and a globetrotter currently residing isolatedly in Belgium. He never really had the ambition to become a dj nor producer. He sees himself more as a connector between artists, labels and event hosts . He has been active behind the music scenes for many years.

MoustacheMusic Radio is his weekly playground, feeding his insatiable hunger for music across all borders of the electronic spectrum.

It has been the portal to quite some side jobs in music industry, going from editor for nightlife magazines, over talent scout for underground labels to stage management and artist hospitality for major Belgian Techno and Acid party concepts and summer festivals. Currently working on a new project. Under @Xntrick's (see Le Catalyste episode #87) supervision he'll run the Belgian crossover label @Bugklinik )

Expect a storytelling recording that slightly unfolds from ambient and experimental to an uptempo techno mix with a raw en lofi feel. The remarkable intro of this 'Pandemic mixtape' contains a 2014 speech that will open many people's eyes. It told us he must be an activist and he confirmed that the current global situation has been his source of inspiration.


Exclusively recorded for LE CATALYSTE by @Salenko_1, 03/04/2020


☣️ Stephan Petranek - TED Talk (2014)
☣️ ROOK - Darker Shade (autumna javelin rmx)
☣️ Paleowolf - Nightfire (Prometheus Studio)
☣️ Rrose - Pecking Order (Eaux)
☣️ Eavesdropper - Radio Archive (Zigmond Theatre Play Scene04-05_V03)
☣️ Yves De Mey - Wearing Off (Latency)
☣️ () () () - Scapula (Low Income $quad)
☣️ Zaliva-D - Faraway (Knekelhuis)
☣️ Against All Logic - If You Can't Do It Good, Do It Hard ft. Lydia Lunch (Other People)
☣️ Solotape - Pending Times (Low Income $quad)
☣️ Against All Logic - Alucinao (Other People)
☣️ Joy Orbison - Off Season (Hinge Finger)
☣️ Spellinak - Collision Course (Low Income $quad)
☣️ Locked Club & RLGN - Tsukare (Private Persons)
☣️ Acronym - Rays (Semantica Records)
☣️ FJAAK - Quilmes (Seilscheibenpfeiler)
☣️ Strahinja Arbutina - Import Export (Algebra of Need)
☣️ Lujiachi - Shadow#2 (Altered States Tapes)
☣️ Locked Club - Doschitai (Boysnoize Records)
☣️ AnyAct - Brat (Гражданский Акт )
☣️ Surgeon - Aqua Marina (Illian Tape)

mercredi 24 avril 2019

Le Catalyste Standalone: X-Truder (UK/Poland - Abseits Records) - Electro/techno/breaks

This week, for episode #101, Le Catalyste received an Electro oriented set from X-Truder. Leszek Romaniak is from Poland and living in UK (near Leeds) since 2006. What could we say about his style? ELECTRO, ELECTRO and ELECTRO ..... with a bit of Techno and Breax !! Leszek is getting more and more active on the scene. He already has some releases on Abseits Records and some on @crobotmuzik "Dalekovod 7" alongside artits like Errorbeauty, DVS NME, ADJ and many more... Last year, he made a lot of guest mix with Dark Science Electro, Tracklisting and Elektrodos, and he currently works on some new release coming out soon ! Check out this amazing set !!



  • 01 Shokh - The Man
  • 02 Jensen Interceptor & Assembler Code - FM Expander
  • 03 FJAAK - Matte
  • 04 Falbeil - Spoil The Girl
  • 05 Skee Mask - Dail 274
  • 06 Sync 24 & Alienata - Future Sound
  • 07 Delta Funktionen - Satellite Galaxies
  • 08 Monic - Stampede
  • 09 Galaxy Lane - Take Off
  • 10 Thomas Kress - Electronic Isolator
  • 11 Jensen Interceptor - Manix
  • 12 Commuter - Fragmented
  • 13 Broken Voltage Control - Humans
  • 14 Komarken Electronics - Drivkraft
  • 15 Galaxy Lane - Landed