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Affichage des articles dont le libellé est Schematic. Afficher tous les articles

lundi 8 juillet 2019

Le Catalyste Standalone: Laetitia Tónlistina (syn:haptic / Belgium) - braindance/electro/breakbeat

"Rephlex vibes are not dead!" This is how Laetitia Tonlistina introduced the set she sent to me last Week ! (@tonlistina)

This Brussels-based promoter, curator is passionate about electronic music and all their encompassing spheres. Involved in the Belgian scene since many years by organizing events via several concepts, this IDM activist is also highlighting new producers with her crew "syn:haptic".

Here, she provides us a 2h set mixing some classics with lot of new talents, reflecting the fresh and exciting braindance/electro scene. A tribute to her first love in music inspired by pioneer labels such as Rephlex, Skam, Schematic, Warp,.. melt with recent and inspiring ones such as Mechatronica, Wémé, Cultivated Electronics, Furthur Electronix, Central Processing Unit, Concrete Collage, New Flesh and Analogical Force.

Enjoy !

tracklist bellow!

SC: @tonlistina
IG :
FB :

  • 1. Bass Kittens - Silent Running / Justin Maxwell Mix ( Pretension)
  • 2. Datawave - In Stasis (forthcoming release)
  • 3. Adam Johnson - Autopop (Merck)
  • 4. Animistic Beliefs - Resequenced DNA (Cultivated Electronics)
  • 5. Tipper - On a Limb (Fuel)
  • 6. Aleski Perala - Papa Don’t Preach (Rephlex)
  • 7. Kosh - Null 212 (Casa Voyager)
  • 8. Shinra - Interstellar (Analogical Force)
  • 9. Phoenecia - Thong (Warp)
  • 10. Credit 00 - The Garden (Uncanney Valley)
  • 11. Junq - Closer (Furthur Electronix)
  • 12. Mu-Ziq - Mu-ziq Theme (Rephlex)
  • 13. No Moon - aoe_advancing (Craigie Knowes)
  • 14. Beatwife - Thunderon Show (Concrete College)
  • 15. Foreign Sequence & Jaquarius - The Eternal Overclock 499 (New Flesh)
  • 16. Droid Eater - Field Trip (Concrete College)
  • 17. The Fear Ratio - F15 (Skam)
  • 18. UNCOU - Medijate (Wémé)
  • 19. Wopr Maze - T1 (Demord)
  • 20. Cestrian - Speak & Spell (Mechatronica)
  • 21. AUX 88 - Electronic Robots / Dynamik Bass System (Puzzlebox)
  • 22. Scan0ne - Smoke Machine (Analogical Force)
  • 23. Velum Break - SIRFS (Touched)
  • 24. Binary Digit - MA-RTZ (Zeitnot)
  • 25. Silicon Scally - Formulant (Cultivated Electronics)
  • 26. Sound Synthesis - Neurolink Cyborg (Ukonx)
  • 27. Nullptr - Cybernoid (Solar One Music)
  • 28. Arsonist Recorder - Brain Mode (forthcoming on ZwaarteKracht)
  • 29. fxbip - Osmosis.AX (Coachella Violated EDM ears mix) (unreleased)
  • 30. EDMX - Tech Zero (Breakin’ Records)
  • 31. Microlith - Holy Flow (Central Processing Unit)

lundi 18 février 2019

Le Catalyste Standalone: Jake Mandell (Schematic / Boston USA) - techno/IDM

(English version and tracklist bellow)
Cette semaine, on redescend un peu, pour un set plus technoïde et mélodique, entre techno et IDM avec Jake Mandell. Son nom s'est fait fin des années 90 où ils composait des lives à partir de ses propres logiciels et des sorties sur Worm Interface et Forces Inc. entre autres. Il a d'ailleur travaillé quelques années chez Native Instrument à Berlin. Il revient sur le devant de la scène avec une tres belle release sur Schematic, petit cousin de WARP et Planete Mu façon US.…sonance

  1. Luigi Tozzi - Irini
  2. Elle - Thanatos 1
  3. Richard Devine - Across the Cell Wall
  4. Jake Mandell - Flowing Laves (unreleased)
  5. Kas:st - Endless Exodus (Takaaki Itoh remix)
  6. Stephan Bodzin - Catamaran
  7. Scott Stanley - Is This
  8. Hidden Empire - Panther
  9. Surgeon - Send the Dogs
  10. Jake Mandell - Echo Train
  11. Kangding Ray - Summerend

English Version:
This week, we come down a little, for a more techno and melodic set, between techno and IDM with Jake Mandell. His name came in the late '90s when he composed lives from his own software and released on Worm Interface and Forces Inc. among others. He worked for a few years at Native Instrument in Berlin. He returns to the front of the stage with a very nice release on Schematic, a cousin of WARP and Planete Mu way US.