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dimanche 6 février 2022

Standalone series: Manda Hu (Techno / Beer Sheba / Israel)

Le Catalyste resumes with Manda Hu (@sublimephase) for episode #124.
This Israelian DJ was raised with European Techno, UK Jungle and Chicago/Detroit house music.
DJing in underground parties in his hometown of Beer Sheba and Israel's big city Tel Aviv. He started his own Techno label "Night and the City" in 2014 and ran it until 2018. During that period he collaborated with artists such as Robert Armani, K. Alexi Shelby, Brendon Moeller, Affie Yusuf and others.He released on the famous Techno imprint Labrynth and on Irregular Synth's label Dirty Minds.

These days David's newest work can be found on his Bandcamp page, and many tracks are about to be re-released in the coming months.

He has sent us a 2h set going from a slow motion broken very long ramp up to a dark & hard basement Techno set showing how vast is his love for electronic Music ! Enjoy!!


1. Steve Roach – Neomorphic (Original Mix)
2. Inquiry – What Indeed You Do Love (Original Mix)
3. Konerytmi – Naantali (Original Mix)
4. Pinch – Brain Scan (Original Mix)
5. Fiesta Soundsystem – How's That (Original Mix)
6. Stefan Kibellus – The Star Observer (Original Mix)
7. Adiel – Vibra (Original Mix)
8. Sei A – Forget Now (Original Mix)
9. Norbak – Raru (Original Mix)
10. Temudo – Abnormally Thick (Original Mix)
11. Boddika – Walk Talk (Original Mix)
12. Mary Velo – Prophecy (Original Mix)
13. Cardao – Faith (Vertical Spectrum Remix)
14. Developer – Lost Moments (Len Faki Hardspace Mix)
15. Init1 – Proxy (Original Mix)
16. Deep'a & Biri – Seeking Solace (Z.I.P.P.O Remodel)
17. Antonio De Angelis – Elements (Original Mix)
18. S-file – Switch (Original Mix)
19. Roman Poncet – Walfisch (Robert Hood Remix)
20. Johannes Heil – Paranoid Dancer (DJ Hell Remix)
21. Hieroglyphic Being – Side 2 Side (Black Hands Version)
22. David Moran – Extraction (Original Mix)
23. Xhei – The Hypnotist (Christian Wunsch Remix)
24. Marco Shuttle – Sing Like A Bird (Peter Van Hoesen Remix)

samedi 11 avril 2020

Standalone Series: Salenko (Moustache Music Radio / Belgium) - Lofi Exp Techno

ՏɑӀҽղƘօ_ Pandemic Mixtape 😷

Salenko is a musical activist, mushroom hunter, record hoarder, MoustacheMusic Radio host since 2012 and a globetrotter currently residing isolatedly in Belgium. He never really had the ambition to become a dj nor producer. He sees himself more as a connector between artists, labels and event hosts . He has been active behind the music scenes for many years.

MoustacheMusic Radio is his weekly playground, feeding his insatiable hunger for music across all borders of the electronic spectrum.

It has been the portal to quite some side jobs in music industry, going from editor for nightlife magazines, over talent scout for underground labels to stage management and artist hospitality for major Belgian Techno and Acid party concepts and summer festivals. Currently working on a new project. Under @Xntrick's (see Le Catalyste episode #87) supervision he'll run the Belgian crossover label @Bugklinik )

Expect a storytelling recording that slightly unfolds from ambient and experimental to an uptempo techno mix with a raw en lofi feel. The remarkable intro of this 'Pandemic mixtape' contains a 2014 speech that will open many people's eyes. It told us he must be an activist and he confirmed that the current global situation has been his source of inspiration.


Exclusively recorded for LE CATALYSTE by @Salenko_1, 03/04/2020


☣️ Stephan Petranek - TED Talk (2014)
☣️ ROOK - Darker Shade (autumna javelin rmx)
☣️ Paleowolf - Nightfire (Prometheus Studio)
☣️ Rrose - Pecking Order (Eaux)
☣️ Eavesdropper - Radio Archive (Zigmond Theatre Play Scene04-05_V03)
☣️ Yves De Mey - Wearing Off (Latency)
☣️ () () () - Scapula (Low Income $quad)
☣️ Zaliva-D - Faraway (Knekelhuis)
☣️ Against All Logic - If You Can't Do It Good, Do It Hard ft. Lydia Lunch (Other People)
☣️ Solotape - Pending Times (Low Income $quad)
☣️ Against All Logic - Alucinao (Other People)
☣️ Joy Orbison - Off Season (Hinge Finger)
☣️ Spellinak - Collision Course (Low Income $quad)
☣️ Locked Club & RLGN - Tsukare (Private Persons)
☣️ Acronym - Rays (Semantica Records)
☣️ FJAAK - Quilmes (Seilscheibenpfeiler)
☣️ Strahinja Arbutina - Import Export (Algebra of Need)
☣️ Lujiachi - Shadow#2 (Altered States Tapes)
☣️ Locked Club - Doschitai (Boysnoize Records)
☣️ AnyAct - Brat (Гражданский Акт )
☣️ Surgeon - Aqua Marina (Illian Tape)

mardi 12 novembre 2019

Standalone Series: Artizhan (Apparel Tronic / Milan / IT) - Oldskool Rave

Let's go Back in the time ! This is Artizhan taking the lead for episode #116. Franky B aka Cryptic Monkey is a Milan Based, DMC Champion, techno producer and oldskool rave lover. He delivered us a very specific 2h set, early 90's rave and techno oriented, full of classics with GTO, D-shake, Joey Beltram, Prodigy, Human ressource, Sven Vath, CJ bolland, Holy noise, Frank de Wulfe ...

He just released a very deep and nice techno EP called “Nasty Drifts From Sequoia” on Apparel Tronic which I warmly recommand, taking us through a journey in his obsessive modern/mediterranean rhythms ! Links bellow.
Enjoy !



  • 01-Inspiritual Terrance - Bassi[i]nc
  • 02-G.T.O - Pure
  • 03-Atomizer - Time To Time
  • 04-D Shake - My Heart The Beat
  • 05-Space Opera - Space 3001 ( D Shake Trance mix )
  • 06-Amorphous Androgynous - Liquid Insects
  • 07-The Holy Ghost - Heavy Water
  • 08-The Holy Ghost - Isotopia
  • 09-Shake Inc - Monalisa OD
  • 10-Techno Grooves Match4 - Techno Slam
  • 11-Sven Vath - Harlequin,The Beauty And The Beast
  • 12-Holy Noise - Get Down Everybody
  • 13-Joey Beltram - My Sound
  • 14-Second Phase - Mentasm
  • 15-The X - Secret Wish
  • 16-CJ Bolland - Mindwar
  • 17-Tellurians - Navigator
  • 18-44.1 K-Hurts - Dissolution
  • 19-Dr. Fernando! - 1-3H(N)
  • 20-Dr. Fernando! - High Pressure
  • 21-Emmanuel Top - Acid Phase
  • 22-Human Resource - Dominator ( Frank De Wulfe Remix 1 )
  • 23-Frank De Wulfe - Reforced
  • 24-Brersoul - Truly Fantastic
  • 25-Chestnut - Pot Of Gold
  • 26-Damon Wild - Mind Over Matter
  • 27-Edge Of Motion - Set Up 707
  • 28-Imaginary Boy - Evolution Two
  • 29-The Prodigy- No good
  • 30-The Prodigy-Charly (Alley Cat Remix)
  • 31-Kreggo & Textasy - The Definitive Hardcore Anthem
  • 32-Lone - Backtail Was Heavy
  • 33-Source - Beyond_Time_Original_Mix
  • 34-Model500 - The Chase( Juan's Express )
  • 35-Commix - Change ( A Made Up Sound Remix )
  • 36-Artizhan - Honky Tonk Clay
  • 36-Africa HiTech - Spirit

vendredi 11 octobre 2019

Le Catalyste Standalone: UMA Soudsystem ( Nucleo / Villa Lugano / Argentina)

This week, we move South to Argentina, with UMA soundsystem (@umasoundsystem) from Villa Lugano, a neighborhood in the city of Buenos Aires. This techno lover was raised with albums from Underworld, Kraftwerk and The Chemical Brothers before he moved to techno inspired by Jeff Mills, Robert Hood, Zadig, Oscar Mulero, Cleric, among others, motivated to enter the Dj Nation.
He is also producer, and a very good producer !!
And I can warmly recommand the "Mision Romaniuk Ep" he just released on Greek imprint "Nomad Species" ! (@nomadspecies) (last track of the set)

he also made releases on Apical Records, Polygon & Trigonometryk, and more, is involved into local scene development and organize events as part of the NUCLEO crew.

His set is simple, sweet and bumpy! I really enjoyed listening to, with my foot always wanting to move and tap the tempo !
Enjoy ! (Find tracklist bellow. )



  • 000 Translate & Pulso - Nature Injection
  • 001 Albert Van Abbe - Function P
  • 002 La 4a - Ecstasy
  • 003 Ada Kaleh - O Seara De Ragaz
  • 004 Jackzone - PlayStation Jam
  • 005 Antigone - The Mechanists (Zadig Remix)
  • 005 ZADIG - DAGON
  • 006 Marcel Fengler - Thwack
  • 007 Aiken - Dominance (James Ruskin Remix)
  • 008 David Löhlein - Red Code
  • 009 Axel Karakasis - Stable Isolation (A.Paul DKULT REDUB Remix)
  • 010 Axel Karakasis - Counteract (DJ Dextro Remix)
  • 011 UMA Soundsystem - Contacto con los Arcturianos

mercredi 2 octobre 2019

Standalone series: TML (Hotflush / Minneapolis / USA)

This week, we stay in the US, with TML (@toomuchlove), a Minneapolis based Producer.
He made several releases on @Hotlfush like the "Machine BIast" Ep last year, described as "a combination of vintage electro, acid house, and broken drum programming that attempts to draw a line from Midwestern raves to UK sound systems"... You see ?!!

He just released a killer remix for Locked Groove and is also hosting a show on Noods Radio. @lockedgrooves @noodsradio

This week, he provides us a very deep set with an intense selection. He likes letting the tracks do the job and enter slowly into your mind ! This set is hypnotic but far from being boring, you feel surprised and comfortable track after track. Enjoy !
NB: check the crazy fantastic Shadowax track !

Track-list :

  • 1- Tropic of Cancer - Be Brave (Richard H Kirk Remix)
  • 2- Nikki Nair - David @nikki-nair
  • 3- Cienfuegos - Slipping Venus (Entro Remix) @a_los_martires
  • 4- Pangaea - Inna Daze
  • 5- SC-164 - 001-003 @sc-164
  • 6- Portion Reform - Shrine
  • 7- Ye Gods - Called
  • 8- Norman Nodge - ManMade @norman-nodge
  • 9- Zanzibar - Ghetto Of The Mind
  • 10 - Mode Selector - Last Trip (aka Fanon Flowers)
  • 11- Shadowax - A & B (Version) @itsashadowax
  • 12- Spesimen - Satellite
  • 13- T++ - Allied
  • 14- Wizzbit - Quantum Leap @iamwizzbit
  • 15- British Murder Boys - Be Like I Am (Surgeon + Regis)
  • 16- DJ Shufflemaster - Opaqueness
  • 17- The Mover - Nightflight (Nonstop 2 Chicago)
  • 18- Space Afrika - oread @space-afrika

lundi 16 septembre 2019

Standalone Series: Funky Jeff ( Quebec / Canada) - Electro Detroit

Funky Jeff is a Canadian DJ/blogger, describing himself as a Space Jockey and mixologist which means he likes lots of different styles, mixing genres in his sets. He is also a record collector & radio show host listening detroit techno, electro, downtempo and IDM but also jazz, new-wave and funk! (@funky_jeff)

He is pationate by history of music, which he comments on his blog in a very Old school way, commenting his recent Funky DJ sets as well as latest Aphex twin release.

Infuences : Kraftwerk, Brian Eno, Biosphere, Can, Vangelis, Global communication ,Orbital, Autechre, FSOL, Photek, Aphex Twin, David Toop, Laurent Garnier, Plastikman, Underworld, Speedy J, Jeff Mills, Autechre, DJ Shadow, Monolake, Claude Young, UR, Basic Channel.

Description of the mix :

IDM, Detroit techno, dark electro, and Techno side on this mix done on vinyl & CDs where electro is rooted in the music of Cybotron and Model 500, and later defined more fully in the '90s by artists such as Drexciya and recently, The Exaltics. A mixture of groovy detroit sounds but chilly IDM and lush electronica.


Tracklist :

  • 01. Carl Craig aka 69 - If Mojo Was A.M. (Extended Version)
  • 02. Monolake - Void
  • 03. Aleksi Perälä - Escort
  • 04. Aleksi Perälä - Papa Don't Preach
  • 05. Maurizio - M-7 (Basic Channel)
  • 06. Booka Shade - Vertigo
  • 07. Egyptian lover - Egypt Egypt
  • 08. Orbital – You lot
  • 09. Goldfrapp - Strict Machine [Ewan Pearson Extended Vocal Mix]
  • 10. Ludwig A.F. Röhrscheid - Velocity
  • 11. The Exaltics - I.M.O.E.H.
  • 11. Gunnar Haslam – Overcomplete
  • 12. Boris Divider - Sentry
  • 13. Der Zyklus - Formenverwandler (Shapeshifter)
  • 14. Sound Synthesis - Neurolink Cyborg
  • 15. E.R.P. - Ancient Light - Original Mix & Exaltics remix
  • 16. Drexciya - Black Sea
  • 17. Skee Mask - Calimance (Delay mix)
  • 18. [D'Breez] - Crazy for Love (Autechre Remix)
  • 19. Skee Mask - Muk FM
  • 20. Aleksi Perala – NLL561606936 (CBS024LP)
  • 21. Vosper - Behind the wheel (Depeche mode cover)
  • 22. Model 500 - Sound Of Stereo (1987)
  • 23. Mayan Gold - Intergalactic Traveler [Uncanny Valley]
  • 24. E.R.P. - New road
  • 25. Transllusion - Dimensional Glide
  • 26. Aux 88 - Break It Down
  • 27. E.R.P. - Noetic
  • 28. Infiniti - Game One
  • 29. Outro : having fun...!

mardi 30 juillet 2019

Le Catalyste Standalone: Moteka (Skryptom / Marseille / FR ) - techno

This week, our guest is MOTEKA who just released his first album on Skryptöm : «As we fought Iron Giants » an imaginary soundtrack of a techno-steam-punk tale, where every track illustrates
the chapter of a heroic epic. ( @moteka, @skryptom-records)

With this solo project, Pierre has produced several EPs since 2015, inspired by the classic English techno scene such as Surgeon or Planetary Assault Systems. With Epic live sets, Moteka as become one of the leading act of the french label Skryptom with a dark, percussive, hypnotic techno and perfectly mastered production skills.

He is also very active as part of the truly exiting live alliance project "Möd3rn" (@m-d3rn) composed of french producers, Electric Rescue (head master of label Skryptöm records) and Maxime Dangles (sound wizard and former pillar of Kompakt records ) and : Kmyle. For the occasion, Möd3rn is renamed as Möd4rn !

In this set, you'll find many of his past released tracks ! Enjoy ! :)



1 Moteka - unreleased
2 Moteka - TCX 2290 (Skryptöm)
3 Psyk - Panic Attack (Tresor)
4 James Bong - Triple (Mind Trip)
5 Moteka - silent Automaton (Skryptöm)
6 Cardao - Acid Andromeda (Kmyle Remix) (Quartz Rec)
7 Moteka - Ghost in the Machine (Skryptöm)
8 Lathe - Werk (On Edge Society)
9 Moteka - Lost Drums Tape 7 (Flash rec)
10 Moteka - Marching robots (Skryptöm)
11 I am bam - Roller (Quartz Rec)
12 Paul Ritch - Doubies (Quartz Rec)
13 Moteka - Sad Machine (Skryptöm)
14 James Bong - Konductor (MindTrip)
15 Moteka - Hal 9000 (Children of tomorrow)
16 Neila - Kevin Klein (Newrhythmics)
17 ZPKF - Burning (Walking rec)
18 Moteka - Final Confrontation (Skryptöm)
19 Moteka - Wounded (Skryptöm)

mercredi 5 juin 2019

Le Catalyste Standalone: Wlderz (Skryptöm / Newtrack / Paris ) - techno

Cette semaine, c'est le duo parisien "Wlderz" qui fait l'affiche du Catalyste avec un set d' 1h30 !! Ils parcourent les raves depuis 2 ans avec live set techno bien puissant, emprunt de sonorités et mélodies mélancoliques et profondes.. Ils ont sorti un Excellent Album sur Skryptöm en février dernier et plus récemment un maxi sur le très recommandé label New Rhythmic Records de Joton ! Enjoy !!

Sndcld: @Wlderz…astic-ocean-lp
@joton, @newrhythmicrecords, @skryptom-records

Ils seront le 08 juin en Dj Set pour "La Firme Papa" au Chinois =>
et le 21 juillet en Dj Set pour le Piknik ElectroniK Festival avec Adam Beyer =>

mercredi 22 mai 2019

Le Catalyste x Nuits Sonores 2019: Madben (Ellum / Astropolis / Paris) - techno

A l'approche des Nuits Sonores, Le Catalsyte monte en puissance avec Madben, nouveau porte étendard de la scène techno française avec la sortie en 2018 de "Frequence(s)", sur Astropolis Records.
Un album qui a beaucoup fait parlé de lui, si bien que Maceo Plex l'invitera a integrer l'écurie ELLUM pour un très beau maxi sorti en décembre dernier. Ils partageront la scène lors du DAY 3 des Nuits Sonores 2019 avec Jensen Interceptor et Danny Daze.

Il nous livre un set très progressif, efficace de bout en bout, avec un esprit Rave bien ancré, une techno qui résonne, et des mélodies inspirées! Il conclu inévitablement avec quelques classiques vu ses attaches avec le festival breton Astropolis, miroir de l'histoire de la techno! Enjoy :) !


  • 01. Specific objects - On first sight
  • 02. Dubspeeka - Mariana
  • 03. Madben - Landscape
  • 04. Elliot Adamson - Every single day (Lfo mix)
  • 05. 524F53 - Hard year
  • 06. Conforce - Carrier signal
  • 07. Buffered multiple - Prime time
  • 08. Madben - Exploration
  • 09. Das spezial - Romantic Schizophrenic
  • 10. Vainqueur - Lyot (Maurizio mix)
  • 11. Madben - Robots
  • 12. Modig - Latissimus
  • 13. Maribou state - Vale (HAAi’s requiem for a remix)

mardi 14 mai 2019

Le Catalyste x Nuits Sonores 2019: Melody (RA+RE / Paris)- techno

Cette semaine, Le Catalyste et les Nuits Sonores se mettent en cheville à l'approche du festival avec pour invitée MELODY (@melody-9)!
Cette artiste Parisienne fait partie du crew RA+RE Records (Qui se pronnonce "Rare" ;)), un gang de DJ féminin né à New-York et qui fera la clôture de l’édition 2019 tout le dimanche après-midi!

Melody nous livre ici un set frais, léger et très riche, un vrai voyage inter-style, avec des tracks rares et underground comme le revendique la direction artistique du label RA+RE!
Elle casse avec aisance les barrières des styles et passe en finesse de la deep house au breakbeat, atlernant références oldschool, techno décalée et diggeries bien pointues!
Un son parfait pour finir un festival qui s'annonce chargé comme d'habitude !


Et pour assister à son set accompagnée du label Ra+Re le dimanche 2 juin, la billeterie, c'est par ici !

mardi 5 mars 2019

Le Catalyste Standalone: Diapasøn (Cosmic Wave Records / FR) - techno

Pour son 99eme épisode depuis sa création en 2015, Le Catalyste reçoit un excellentissime et doublement recommandé set de Diapsøn ! Originaire de la région parisienne et maintenant installé à Lyon, il gère le label Cosmic Wave Records  depuis 2015. C'est une figure montante de la scène techno, adepte du 100% vinyl, il a déjà cotoyé des artistes tels que Christian Wünsch, Bas Mooy, Skudge, Benjamin Damage, Marla Singer, Eric Fetcher, Lenson, Gemini Voice Archive et bien d'autres... Il sera d'ailleurs aux platines du Terminal ce vendredi avec avec Kike Pravda & VZ! Enjoy !!

  1. nitido (aleksi perälä remix) [semantica 87x]
  2. von grall - bad reputation [mdg009]
  3. wata igarashi - question and answer [bk029]
  4. desroi - vaccine [desroi002]
  5. leiras - north state [own014]
  6. yan cook - time bend [inertia-8]
  7. abstract division - dissonance [10yrdref003]
  8. mike parker - disintegrating sand [tresor289]
  9. trevino - black cat (roberto remix) [fauk008]
  10. deniro - nepal [tape012]
  11. bnjmn - hypnagogia pt. 2 (131dsr) Le Catalyste
  12. neel - re. vox [token76]
  13. thomas hessler - eclipse [clftrec004]
  14. versalife -- vortices [ship057]
  15. alessandro adriani - he who harnesses the souls [sa031]

Diapasøn (Cosmic Wave Records / FR) - techno

lundi 18 février 2019

Le Catalyste Standalone: Jake Mandell (Schematic / Boston USA) - techno/IDM

(English version and tracklist bellow)
Cette semaine, on redescend un peu, pour un set plus technoïde et mélodique, entre techno et IDM avec Jake Mandell. Son nom s'est fait fin des années 90 où ils composait des lives à partir de ses propres logiciels et des sorties sur Worm Interface et Forces Inc. entre autres. Il a d'ailleur travaillé quelques années chez Native Instrument à Berlin. Il revient sur le devant de la scène avec une tres belle release sur Schematic, petit cousin de WARP et Planete Mu façon US.…sonance

  1. Luigi Tozzi - Irini
  2. Elle - Thanatos 1
  3. Richard Devine - Across the Cell Wall
  4. Jake Mandell - Flowing Laves (unreleased)
  5. Kas:st - Endless Exodus (Takaaki Itoh remix)
  6. Stephan Bodzin - Catamaran
  7. Scott Stanley - Is This
  8. Hidden Empire - Panther
  9. Surgeon - Send the Dogs
  10. Jake Mandell - Echo Train
  11. Kangding Ray - Summerend

English Version:
This week, we come down a little, for a more techno and melodic set, between techno and IDM with Jake Mandell. His name came in the late '90s when he composed lives from his own software and released on Worm Interface and Forces Inc. among others. He worked for a few years at Native Instrument in Berlin. He returns to the front of the stage with a very nice release on Schematic, a cousin of WARP and Planete Mu way US.

mardi 27 novembre 2018

Le Catalyste Standalone: JON DASILVA (Hacienda / UK ) - LASHED TO THE MAST #2

This week, there is too much to say about our Guest JON DASILVA!

From the years he spent as resident DJ at the legendary HACIENDA, handing over after Laurent Garnier had it's national Service call up in 1988. He took the lead on the club for years with Mike Pickering and together, they made the Acid and House explosion!
Let's name a few label where he has some releases:Rush Hour,
Soma, Mute, Deconstruction... His current collaboration with Posthuman on I LOVE ACID parties and in a live concept with the duo called "This IS ACID", and what about Sasha who considers JON as his mentor into DJing approach ! All this, we can feel it in this set, obviously eclectic, well worked, deeply thought, merging with talent various electronic styles! Enough said?! let's just enjoy the set ! (tracklist below)


  1. Boards Of Canada - a glimmer of “An Eagle In Your Mind”
  2. Acid Wax - “707 In Your Mind” 
  3. Unnayanaa, Irfan Rainy, FT Ibtisam - “Taht Min Aini”
  4. Sonye - “Sankha Dona (Inst)” 
  5. Cinthie - “Push It”
  6. Third Son - “Machine Love” 
  7. Granary - “MancMania”
  8. Kettama - “B O D Y”
  9. Shaun J. Wright and Alinka - “Journey Into The Deep”
  10. Posthuman - “Down To JAKK” 
  11. Drew Moyo - “Munthu” 
  12. Rone “Mirapolis” (Laurent Garnier Remix)
  13. Sasha - “Singularity” 
  14. Jerome Hill - “Mole Hill Acid”
Le Catalyste Standalone: JON DASILVA (Hacienda / UK ) - LASHED TO THE MAST #2

find all sets on

mardi 13 novembre 2018

Le Catalyste #90: Lenny Posso Guest mix, Cursor Miner, shed, Bruce, Will Saul, Ociya, DJ 3000

C'est la dernière emission du Catalyste enregistrée dans les studio de CKUM avant une future relocalisation en France. Mais on ne change pas les habitudes avec une série de news, et en guest mix Lenny Posso, New-yorkais, boss du label Thema qui vient de sortir un Ep des legendaire "The Advent". Le podcast avec les "Standalone Series" continue en attendant le retour en onde du Catalyste.

News Tracklist:

1 - Cursor Miner - Hierarch - AFTER AFFECTS REC
2 - Shed - Dark Planet (Modeselektor Remix)
3 - Bruce - Patience St. Pim - Hessle Audio
4 - Mark Evemport - Kentu
5 - Will Saul - Wobbly - Aus Music
6 - Obergman - Obergman - ESQ - Cultivated Electronics
7 - VC-118A - Machinarium - Cultivated Electronics
8 - Ociya - Powers of Ten - Global A Records
9 - DJ 3000 - Kanuni - mothec

@lennyposso Tracklist:

  1. Antigone - Irreversible (Token) 
  2. Aiken - Boundary (Timeline)
  3. Alex Randial - Echoes (Edit Select)
  4. Ness - Mentalist (ATTIC)
  5. Exos & Gotshell - Saltu numero 29-47(X/oz)
  6. Antigone - It Follows (Token)
  7. Invite - Inaricho (Invite Choice)
  8. Stanislav Tolkachev - Vhs9 (Delirio)
  9. Antigone - Perchance (Token)
  10. Barbara Ford - Treason (Anagram)
  11. s:vt / John Osborn / Tim Xavier - Can't Stop (John Osborn & Tim Xavier Remix) (Dred)
  12. Dinerio - Dumans (Trip)
  13. Ben Sims - Vicious Cycles (Forthcoming Chronicle Records)
  14. A&S - 9th Planet (A&S)
  15. 65 D Mavericks - Earthbound (James Ruskin Remix) (Surface Records)
  16. Unknown Artist - untitled (Forthcoming Chronicle Records)
  17. Jeff Mills - Secrets Of The Moon (Axis)
  18. Metro Skim (Mike Storm) - From 3D to 5D (6Dimension)
  19. Staffan Linzatti - Lost Contact (Malfunction) (Field Recordings)
  20. Oisel - Intangible (Forthcoming Chronicle Records)
  21. Neel - Osmio (Token)
  22. Dold - Vision (Thema Digital Series)
  23. Myles Sergé - The Village (Thema Recordings)
  24. Metro Skim (Mike Storm) - From 3D to 5D (6Dimension)
  25. Staffan Linzatti - Lost Contact (Malfunction) (Field Recordings)
  26. Oisel - Intangible (Forthcoming Chronicle Records)
  27. Neel - Osmio (Token)
  28. Dold - Vision (Thema Digital Series)
  29. Myles Sergé - The Village (Thema Recordings)
Le Catalyste #90: Lenny Posso Guest mix, Cursor Miner, shed, Bruce, Will Saul, Ociya, DJ 3000

Le Catalyste #89: Kanadacid live set, Anome, Umek, juan Atkins, ASA 808, Helena Hauff

Sous le nom de Kanadacid se cache un artiste Canadien, originaire des regions atlantiques, exilé au Mexique ! Fanatique d'acid music comme son nom l'indique, il produit depuis des décennies des morceaux Acid entre house ou techno ! Il nous livre ici un set acid-house tres riche, avec beaucoup de créativité et d'originalité!


Et pour les news, un autre artiste Canadien, qui vient de sortir un Ep sur son propre Bandcamp, zeta reticula aka Umek, Juan Atkins, ASA 808 et Helena Hauff.

Pour les News:
Anome - Warehouse -
zeta reticula (umek) - Chromospheric_Activity - Electrix
ASA 808 - Love Trumps Fear
Dream Scoring (HEAR & Hakim Murphy)- Story Catcher (Amir's Gritty City Refix)
Juan Atkins - Dimensions
Juan Atkins - Flash Flood
Helena Hauff - No Qualms - Ninja Tune

Le Catalyste #89: Kanadacid (live set), Anome, Umek, juan Atkins, ASA 808, Helena Hauff

jeudi 25 octobre 2018

Le Catalyste #88: Erta Ale (Guest mix), Juli Lee, Red Pig Flower, Henry Greenleaf, Pearl vision, PAscal FEOS

Cette semaine, le Catalyste reçoit Erta Ale, producteur house et techno, qui vient de sortir un tres bel Ep sur le label de Chicago Twirl!. Il revient d'une tournée en afrique Du Sud, et est DJ résident sur Berlin. Il gere aussi Solenoid Records et Solenoid Radio.
Concernant les news de la semaine, plutot house et techno avec Juli Lee, Red Pig Flower et Pascal FEOS, et un peu d'IDM avec Henry Greenleaf.

Track List News:

Juli Lee - You Are Not Machines - MYR @julilee
Red Pig Flower - No Fear - Sound of VAST @ekalprince
Pascal FEOS - Demonstration - LEVELNONZERO @pascalfeos
Henry Greenleaf- Fold Together - Par Avion @henry-greenleaf
False Image - Willowing (Yard One Reshape)- Tact Recordings @falseimage
Pearl Vision - Orizon - @epm-music

Track List: @ertaale

Softer - J Manuel
Cyborg - Stef Mendesidis
Escape the System - Dax J
Process 1 - LSD
Insurrection Erection - Manni Dee Feat. Joke Lanz
Unmarried Old Man - Introversion
Runnin’ - Clarity Feat. The Floorkillah
Twilight - Ron Van Zelst
Transporter (Re:Axis Remix) - Petter B
Neurotransmitter (Mike Parker Remix) - Moddullar
Unit - Presion
Limehouse Cut - Gareth Wild
Zeitmaschine - Thomas P. Heckmann
Process 2 - LSD
Detelinara - Lag

Erta Ale on Facebook:
Solenoid Records on Facebook:
Solenoid Radio on Facebook:

Le Catalyste #88: Erta Ale (Guest mix), Juli Lee, Red Pig Flower, Henry Greenleaf, Pearl vision, PAscal FEOS

jeudi 11 octobre 2018

Le Catalyste #87: X&trick Guest mix, Bruce, STL, iZuel_, Paul Ritch, James Kumo

Le Catalyste recoit cette semaine un pillier de la scene Rave Belge: X&trick
(@xntrick), qui enflamme les dancefloors depuis 1998 avec son style, qu'il décrit lui-même comme "Neorave": un assemblage d'acid, de techno, d'electro, de tueries oldschool et dans l'esprit franchement Rave festive façon BangerFace!
Il est tres prolifique en ce moment avec des sorties sur des labels tels que New York Haunted (label de Drvg Cvltvre), Bass Agenda, 030303, Bug Klinik (label qu'il a fondé en 2004) et Rave Alert!

Pour les news, on passe en revue quelques track plutot techno.
NB: pas de voix, pas de blabla cette semaine, l'enregistrement de mon micro ayant fait un magistral Fail ! ;)

Playlist NEws:

  1. James Kumo - Drifter - KMusic
  2. iZuel_ - Room 119 - Low Noise Production
  3. Paul Ritch - Late Walk - Quartz Rec
  4. Bruce - What - Hessle Audio
  5. STL - Haze & Kraze ((Juniper Dub 1)

X&trick Guest mix, Bruce, STL, iZuel_, Paul Ritch, James Kumo

lundi 1 octobre 2018

Le Catalyste #86: Wangled Teb (live set), JLTA, Tin Man, TML, Isabella, Mark The 909 King

Le Catalyste #85 recoit Wangled Teb, pour un live set breakcore ou l'on retrouve ses influences: Ambient et travail sonore d'un côté, Chiptune et jeux vidéos old school de l'autre.
Coté news, un peu de old-school , l'acid de Tin Mann, un tres beaux remix de Rone, un peu de techno sur Rekids, un tres beau maxi de TML sur Hotflush et un ovni sortir sur le label de Peder Mannerfelt entre Spiral et hardcore.

  • 1- JLTA_Feat_Rev_Mike_Curry_ - Can_You_Feel_It_Instrumental - Classics 88 Recordings
  • 2- Tin Man - Museum of Acid (Drew Remix) - Global A Records @tinman
  • 3- Rone - Mirapolis - Matias Aguayo Proto Bounce remix - Infiné @donmatiasaguayo
  • 4- Mark The 909 King - Into Space - @rekids
  • 5- TML - Sandboxing - @Hotflush @toomuchlove
  • 6- Isabella - Vain - Peder Mannerfelt Produktion @networkerror
Wangled Teb (live set), JLTA, Tin Man, TML, Isabella, Mark The 909 King

lundi 24 septembre 2018

Le Catalyste #85 Posthuman Guest mix , NEL, Lone, Steffi & Martyn, Truncate, Alix Alvarez

Le Catalyste SAISON 4

C'est la 4eme Saison du Catalyste qui redémarre avec Posthuman aux commandes du Guest Mix, les 2 cousins sont propriétaires du fameux label Balkan Vinyl connus pour les nombreuses sorties de Mark Archer (aka Altern-8), Luke Vibert et beaucoup d'autres artists londoniens. Ils sont aussi créateurs du fameux concept "I love Acid"!
Et pour les nouveauté, que du lourd entre IDM et Electronica, avec NEL (aka Cristian Vogel), Lone, Martyn & Steffi, Truncate remixé par Heiko Laux, et Alix Alvarez pour la contribution housy de l'emission !

Tracklist news:

  1. NEL(aka Cristian Vogel) - 118 Days - EPM
  2. Brendon Moeller - Economy - echo echo
  3. Alix Alvarez - Waves - Phonogramme
  4. Lone - A. Pulsar - R&S
  5. Truncate - Dial (heiko laux remix)
  6. As One - The Ladder - Air Texture VI selected by Steffi & Martyn

Tracklist @Posthuman

  1. The Lost Trax - The Saturnian System
  2. CPI - Masa Y Poder
  3. Matt O'Brien - One Night In Old Street
  4. Route 8 - I Can't
  5. John Arial - Saturno
  6. Miles Atmospheric - Interplanetary Visitors
  7. Posthuman - Saturnium Acid
  8. Spatial Awareness - Severe Wounding By Chocolate
  9. Christophe - West Side Critters
  10. Subtenant - Artisanal Acid
  11. Posthuman - Cobalt Thorium G
  12. Cassegrain & Tin Man - Polyacid Blue
  13. Aisha - Slow Burner
Le Catalyste #85 Posthuman Guest mix , NEL, Lone, Steffi & Martyn, Truncate, Alix Alvarez

previous episode:

vendredi 7 septembre 2018

Le Catalyste #84 Alicia Hush guest mix, Joton, Dubspeeka, L.B. Dub Corp, Paranerd

Le Catalyste #84, dernier épisode de la saison 3!

Cette semaine, je suis très heureux d'avoir Alicia Hush  en tant qu'invitée. Elle nous a fourni un live d'une heure de techno minimal et bouncy ! Djette et productrice montréalaise d'origine ontarienne, elle dirige également avec Sarah Lamb le Hushlamb Label Project:
Cette année, 3 nouvelles sorties sont prévues, et elle est invitée à jouer au Mutek 2018 sous le nom de Felicia Lush, son alter ego Experimental Dub.

Pour les news, on se focus sur 2 labels berlinois bien techno ODD EVEN et Dame-Music et une nouvelle sortie de Luke Slater sous son pseudo L.B. Dub Corp.

News tracklist:
1- Josh Wink - Dame Deep
2- Paranerd - undefined - unreleased
3- Dubspeeka - Contrast IIIII - ODD EVEN (@odd-even-1)
4- L.B. Dub Corp (Luke Slater) - All Got To Live - @Mote-Evolver
5- Joton - Antioqui III - ODD EVEN

alicia hush techno
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