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mercredi 22 juin 2022

Standalone series: Mx.Tactful (Table Jelly Dishes / UK) - hyperkinetic techno

On this episode #127, Le Catalyste Standalone Series receives Mx.Tactful for a weird idm-braintech-electro set with lots of validated references with the regretted Mira Calix, and some other women that strongly marked the electronic music scene like Andrea Parker, K-hand, Ixindamix and Dasha Rush to name a few. This name dropping shall easily makes you imagine how vast is the eclecticism of this set and how strong will be the intensity of the journey!

Mx.Tactful is one of many to have come of age in the thick of UK rave culture. As she and her friends got sick of dodging police and bad pills, they retreated to the smokey clubs and bedroom studios that could still offer respite from post-thatcher chaos.

While some of her friends had found moderate success by the late '90s, Mx.Tactful's music stayed largely unheard. This all changed after a chance encounter in a welfare office led to the release of 'MARGIN MACHINEs' on Table Jelly Dishes; a new label from Lara David aka Chekov.

Table Jelly Dishes is a new home for hyperkinetic techno and punchdrunk pop, curated by Lara David off the back of releases on Peach Discs and Cong Burn.

Enjoy !!


  1. Mira Calix - A Pinprick Away [Warp, 2000]
  2. Neotropic - High Fibre [Ntone, 1997]
  3. Mx.Tactful - Fowlrid [Unreleased, 1998-99?]
  4. Andrea Parker - Melodius Thunk [Mo Wax, 1999]
  5. Autechre - Rpeg [Warp, 1999]
  6. Gudrun Gut & Myra Davies - Dinner [Alternation, 1996]
  7. K-HAND - Numbers [!K7, 1995]
  8. Mx.Tactful - Lickdstickytape [Table Jelly Dishes, 1997-98 / 2022]
  9. V-Key - Acoustics 1 [Planet Rhythm, 1998]
  10. L.Grabb - Untitled B2 [Virs, 1998]
  11. Dasha Rush - More Than Ones [Hunger To Create, 2004]
  12. Kemistry & Storm - Signature [Reinforced, 1994]
  13. Autechre - Tilapia [Warp, 1997]
  14. Zavoloka - Hintintin [Nexsound, 2005]
  15. New Direction - Run To Me [Perfecto, 1993]
  16. DJ Rap - Vertigo (Q Bass Mix) [Suburban Base, 1993]
  17. Ixindamix - More Cheese Core [Electro Lab Factory, 2004]
  18. Elodie Lauten - View [OODiscs, 1996]

mercredi 20 avril 2016

Le Catalyste #21 Special Andrew Duke DJ set

Le Catalyste #21: with special Guest DJ set from Andrew Duke,
@andrewdukecognitionaudio , Halifax DJ and producer,
hosting the "Andrew Duke in the Mix" podcast since 1987 !

- highlights:
Cosmin TRG - Oblic - Fizic
Nathan Jonson - Towards The Sun (Dub Mix) - Aerial
Hatcp - Sanslenez - Enklav. ‎
- Andrew Duke DJ set:
Andrew Duke & Bic--Alpine
K Hand--Dusty (Andrew Duke rx)
Mark Archer--In The Presence Of Beauty (Canada High rx)
Echoforce--Aquamarine Sky
Detroit People Mover--Strangers (Andrew Duke Intimate mx)
Niko Marks--My Language (Andrew Duke db)
Samuel James--Soul Deep (Andrew Duke rx)
ASOK--The Killing Game Show
Elpierro--Aedicula (Andrew Duke rx)
Derek Carr--Epidemic
Aaron-Carl --Simply (Andrew Duke db)
Carlos Nilmmns--Bug Dance
Andrew Duke--Crocododdle (Davor O Crocodub)
Drvg Cvltvre--Night Time Is The Right Time
Andrew Duke--Pare Y Escuche
K. Hand - Everybody - Acacia Records - 1993
Claude Young - Acid Wash Conflict - 7th city (1995)