Affichage des articles dont le libellé est Kiani & his legion. Afficher tous les articles
Affichage des articles dont le libellé est Kiani & his legion. Afficher tous les articles

mardi 7 juin 2016

Le Catalyste #27 presentation Mutek 2016 : Lee Gamble, Dasha rush, Machinedrum

Le Catalyste #27 du 01/06/2016
Avec une presentation du festival Mutek 2016 à Montreal
Pierce Warnecke & Matthew Biederman, Lee Gamble, Orphx, Dasha Rush, Atom™, Maayan Nidam, Sonja Moonear, Mathew Jonson et Frits Wentink.
Pierce Warnecke - f_BroadsidedBySuddenSwells - Mem_ry Fr_gm_nts
Boards Of Canada - Untitled (Machinedrum Edit)
Lee Gamble - Motor System (Extension) - B23 Steelhouse
Mix session:
Kiani & His Legion - Voigt Kampff - The Paper Unicorn
Maayan Nidam - Trippin' Over You - Last Moon - Cadenza
Jimmy Edgar - RS2000 - Metaphysix IV, Cause & Effect
Daze - Death Whirl - Neuromance EP - Lobster Theremin
TRP - Spinnin' - Pano EP - Lobster Theremin
Frits Wentink - Yeah But Maybe Never - Rising Sun, Falling Coconut EP
Sonja Moonear - Desert queens - Superlongevity 5
Mathew Jonson - Body In Motion - Her Blurry Pictures
Atom™ - Stromlinien - Ostgut Ton | Zehn
Orphx - What Will Burn - The Sonic Groove Releases Pt. 2 - Hymen Records
Dasharush - Son R - Forms Ain't Formats - Fullpanda Records
- oldschool:
Lenny Dee - bug spray (1992)
Acid Junkies - sector 9 (1992)

mardi 3 mai 2016

Le Calayste #23 Special DIFU with Jacques Terrasse DJ set!

Le Catalyste Episode #23 focus on French Label D!FU,
with a special DJ set from Jacques Terrasse, one of the two heads of the label.
This is the voiceless version, complete french speaking show is available at:
This week:
Highlights will focus on DIFU latest releases, with eLBee BaD, Kiani & his legion (forthcoming release Difu#19) and Patrick Vidal vs Laurent Caligaris (the other head of the label in duo with one of the french deep house legend)
Oldschool part will focus on Jacques Terrasse preference at the moment: Bobby Konders and Blake Baxter.
Jacques Terrasse DJ set playlist:
T.B Kuden & D Savi - Cheating - Underground Quality
Flabaire - Album 5 - D.KO Records
X1 - Le Glitch - BXC
Mike Huckaby - Baseline 87 - Synth
Raw MT - Sky (Rough Mix) - Lobster Theremin
Mike Dehnert - Meckwiki - Clone
Tom Joyce - Roland in space - Sounds Benefit
Nina Kraviz - I'm Gonna Get you - Rekids
Steve Pointdexter - Work that mutha.... - Dance Mania
Zadig - The Stellar Hunter - Tresor
DJ HMC - 6AM - Reflector Records
It's bath house - Etiquette - White label ?
Jus Ed - I'm Comin (Levon Vincent remix) - Underground Quality