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mardi 3 septembre 2019

Le Catalyste Standalone: Arco5 (Arbouse Recordings / Toulouse / France) - IDM

This week is a live IDM session provided by French Artist ARCO5 (@arco5).
As many of IDM/electronica Artists, he was really active and touring a lot in the early 2K's, through various IDM/electronica/experimental events.

He also released a very nice Album on Arbouse Recordings, with other artists like Sink, Inlandsis, melodium, Audioroom... Since then, he continued releasing on his bandcamp, and I'm really happy to have him on Le Catalyste as his work merit some more exposure! 

Bye the way, there is actually a refreshing IDM/Electronica/Braindance wave which will en-light many younger and older talented artists.
Thanks Anthony for this great set !

mercredi 27 mars 2019

Le Catalyste Standalone: Cursor Miner (Uncharted Audio / London) - Electro/Electronica/Experimental

This is Le Catalyste #100 episode !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With one of My favorite Artist, named *///*// Cursor Miner ! *\\*\\\
This UK artist will come back soon with a new Album release! He has made his own style since the early 2k's with 5 albums from quirky pop songs to dancefloor stormers, which saw him touring around with some crazy costumes and a colourful and degenerated Rave spirit!!
This 1h45 live set he made exclusively for us starts with some modular Drone, grows into lofi dirty electro and squelchy acid techno, then comes back to some abstract beats with mad robot bongos all over the place! It ends with a very long dancefloor killer sequence with some more Beats ! Hope you'll all enjoy this excellent set as I do!!


- No tracklist... It's a Live set !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lundi 1 octobre 2018

Le Catalyste #86: Wangled Teb (live set), JLTA, Tin Man, TML, Isabella, Mark The 909 King

Le Catalyste #85 recoit Wangled Teb, pour un live set breakcore ou l'on retrouve ses influences: Ambient et travail sonore d'un côté, Chiptune et jeux vidéos old school de l'autre.
Coté news, un peu de old-school , l'acid de Tin Mann, un tres beaux remix de Rone, un peu de techno sur Rekids, un tres beau maxi de TML sur Hotflush et un ovni sortir sur le label de Peder Mannerfelt entre Spiral et hardcore.

  • 1- JLTA_Feat_Rev_Mike_Curry_ - Can_You_Feel_It_Instrumental - Classics 88 Recordings
  • 2- Tin Man - Museum of Acid (Drew Remix) - Global A Records @tinman
  • 3- Rone - Mirapolis - Matias Aguayo Proto Bounce remix - Infiné @donmatiasaguayo
  • 4- Mark The 909 King - Into Space - @rekids
  • 5- TML - Sandboxing - @Hotflush @toomuchlove
  • 6- Isabella - Vain - Peder Mannerfelt Produktion @networkerror
Wangled Teb (live set), JLTA, Tin Man, TML, Isabella, Mark The 909 King

mardi 12 juin 2018

Le Catalyste #83 Special R&S et Guest mix de Renaat Vandepapeliere

Le Catalyste #83 reçoit cette semaine en guest mix le boss du légendaire label R&S Renaat Vandepapeliere ! Il n'est pas venu les mains vides puisqu'il nous a aussi fourni quelques avants premieres de DJrum et Synkro & Arovane qui sont distillées dans les News. Et pour l'occasion, la partie news est entièrement dédiée au Label !
(tracklist ci-après)

Afriqua - Sway - Vice/Principle EP - R&S
Acid Mondays - Universal Rhythm (Dub Mix) - R&S
Benjamin Damage - Montreal - Montreal EP - R&S
djrum - unreleased - R&S
Struction - Warrior - Gefüge - R&S
Synkro & Arovane - 3 Rhizome - unreleased - Apollo Records

@renaat Vandepapeliere / @r-srecords
1- DJ Oil - Brouillage - Les Disques De La Mort @lesdisquesdelamort
2- Elektro Baboushka – Groovy You Are - @dream-awake-records
3- SSTROM - Svävaren - Rösten @rostenrostenrosten
4- Karim Sahraoui - The son of Man
5 - Mystic letter K - At your own risk
6- Mariel Ito - Lovely (aka Maceo Plex @user-805873663)
7- Harrisburg - Welt 1 @harrisburg
8- Fred conti - ocean run
9- Yak - Skooma @yaksound
10 - Eye Deep Leez ∂ - Partial001 - @eyedeepleezrec
11 - Volor Flex - Blowing smoke @volorflex

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