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mardi 29 octobre 2019

Standalone Series: Drazel (SeekSickSound / Threads / Paris) - Dubstep

Let's travel to Paris this week with Drazel, we stay in the bass area with a 1h30 Dubstep mix he just delivered to us ! Drazel is true electronic music activist, having shows on several radios like Threads* and Rinse France and as editor in chief on the Seeksicksound website.
As a DJ, Drazel has been playing drum'n'bass, techno, dubstep and bass music flavors for more than 10 years over clubs and free parties alongside artists such as DBridge, Trevino, Zadig, 69db, Indigo, Skeptical, SP:MC, Elisa do Brasil, State of Mind, Fracture, Von-D, Deft, ...

With this set, he share his love for Dubstep with a urban style, taking his time, showing his taste for a very electronic and Eclectic type of sound. Enjoy!



  1. Sleeper : Oram mode (System music)
  2. → Data : Laid bare (Black box)
  3. Amit : Colour blind – ft Rani (Metalheadz)
  4. Boofy : Back in the box (Tectonic)
  5. Instra:mental : Vicodin (Naked lunch)
  6. Plastikman : Ask yourself – Sleeper remix
  7. J:Kenzo : Nal hutta (AMAR)
  8. Malleus : Pharmaceutical prisoner (Encrypted audio)
  9. Goth-Trad : Cosmos (Deep medi musik)
  10. Distal : Amphibian (Tectonic)
  11. Boofy : Ledge (Innamind)
  12. Bengal Sound : Never mind (Bandulu)
  13. Gramz : Joken (Crucial recordings)
  14. Shu : Visitor (Rarefied)
  15. Drone : Amphibious (System music)
  16. Commodo : Rikers (Deep medi musik)
  17. Epoch : Glock jump (Innamind)
  18. Objekt : Tinderbox (Objekt)
  19. Biome : Two way (Black box)
  20. Amit : Thakurs army (AMAR)
  21. Killawatt : Unit51 (Osiris music)
  22. DJG : Swazi rhythm (Gourmet beats)
  23. 3WA : Encanto (Crucial recordings)
  24. Goth-Trad : Seeker (Deep medi musik)
  25. Zygos & Binary : Existence (Cue line records)
  26. Gantz : Space horror (Blacklist)
  27. Black Sun Empire : Dyneema (Shadow of the empire)
  28. Jack Sparrow : Nodal (Deep medi musik)
  29. Commodo : S is for snakes (Bandulu)
  30. James Blake : Air & lack thereof (Hemlock)
  31. Loops Haunt : Joplin (Team Acre)