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Affichage des articles dont le libellé est London. Afficher tous les articles

mercredi 19 décembre 2018

Le Catalyste Standalone: ScanOne (Uk)- break-through-electronic

This week, Le Catalyste is super happy to receive Jude Greenaway aka “Scanone”, a London-based producer, DJ and AV artist who has been making, playing and releasing music for over 2 decades. In that time he has managed to develop a sound that skirts around the lunatic fringes of a myriad of underground genres, from bass-heavy electro and techno to glitched-up IDM and techy, brooding electronics.
This mix is also the occasion to start a collaboration with the Montréal based Webzine "Mes Enceintes Font défaut"

The brilliant E.OneSeven EP was out in september on Analogical Force (@analogicalforce), and released in a wonderful double vinyl package!
And he had just been announced as part of the Next Bangface 2019 event!! For those who don't know this event: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let's notice he also runs the @yellow-machines label & sister label Modified Magic.

As both an accomplished producer and DJ, Scanone has performed all around the world, as live sets and DJ'ing alongside some names you may recognize: Radioactive Man, Si Begg, Andrew Weatherall, Tipper, Point B, Cursor Minor, Warlock, Blackmass plastics, Benga, Vex’d...

What could we say more: just listen to this killing set !!

(tracklist to come)

Le Catalyste

Le Catalyste Standalone: ScanOne (Uk)- break-through-electronic

samedi 20 février 2016

Le Catalyste #13: Peev, DMX Krew, µ-Ziq, 1977, Recid, Mochipet,Vin Sol

Le Catalyste emission #13 (10-02-2016)

---highlight --

  1. PEEV - Delia - Delia EP - Intramuros
  2. DMX Krew - RAM Expansion - BREAKIN RECORDS
  3. µ-Ziq - Tosser - Aberystwyth Marine

---mix session ---

  1. 1977 - Alwright - Diversity EP - For Those Who Know
  2. London - Monorrail - Existential Hole: Carnival Compilation
  3. Royer - Way Silent - Way Silent
  4. Unknown Artist - F1 - Knowone Timber Box
  5. Mochipet - Banana Split (Octa Push Remix) - reBootied
  6. Recid - Too Fast - Arts
  7. Vin Sol - Basement Game - Like This
  8. Mochipet - Girls & Boys & Toys (Douster Remix) - reBootied


  1. DNA feat. Suzanne Vega - Tom's diner
  2. Snap - The power
  3. 2 brothers on the 4rth Flore - Can't help my self