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mercredi 11 mai 2022

Standalone series: Dark Arps (metadata_records / Vancouver / CA)

This week, Le Catalyste Standalone series receive Dark Arps, a Vancouver based DJ and producer who spent almost 15 years in the UK !
more info and tracklist bellow !

He sent us a 2h long DJ set divided into 2 parts:
1h with a lot of jazz/funk fused with breakbeat and trip-hop amongst the techy future-music. The second hour begins as he describes it : "with a particular favourite from Sasha’s ‘Airdrawndagger’ which queues me up to deliver a further hour of “standard fare” dancefloor tunes which I might want to play during an eg. 2300-0000 slot."

Find included some of his releases!
Dark Arps’ sound is a blend of broken beat and techno underpinned with dark, razor-sharp melodies, progressive hooks and tough basslines... futuristic, emotional and always danceable.

He has provided support to notable artists and has productions and releases on various label like Woodwork Recordings, Submarine Vibes, Suprematic Sounds... and now self-releasing on his own imprint - [metadata_records]
Enjoy ! ;)

1. Dark Arps - Lokisphere 2.1
2. Mike Sheridan - Stilhed (med Frida Hilarius)
3. Dark Arps - What Do You Mean?
4. Murcof - Memoria
5. Savaggio & Dark Arps - Midnight Melt (feat. Iain Howie)
6. Dark Arps - Lokisphere 1.2
7. Rumpistol - Nice Man
8. 4Hero - Planetaria (Hefner Remix)
9. Portishead - Revenge of the Number
10. Roots Manuva - Movements
11. Red Snapper - Bogeyman
12. Tipper - Cuckoo
13. Thievery Corporation - Lebanese Blonde
14. Sasha - Cloud Cuckoo
15. Pan-Pot - Sleepless (Stephan Bodzin Remix)
16. John Tejada - Asanebo (Original Mix)
17. Dark Arps - Phantasy (Original Mix)
18. Noah Pred - Soft Science (Original Mix)
19. Robert Mason - Metamorphosi (Original Mix)
20. Arcade Wizard - Pollen (Dark Arps Remix)
21. Cristobal Urbina, Mike Shannon - Eviction Party (Original Mix)
22. German Brigante - Menos Latencia (Original Mix)
23. Dark Arps - Nostalgic Reason
24. Sinisia Tamamovic - Clouds (Original Mix)
25. Greg Gow - Minister of Music (Original Mix)

lundi 30 mai 2016

Le Catalyste #26: Transmit, Barac, Bjarki, Anome,Conforce, EDMX, Umwelt

Le Catalyste #26, emission complete du 25/05/2016
Transmit et Anome (@anome-one) en soutien à Andreas Gehm (@andreasy) dans son combat contre la galere et la maladie:
Un focus sur Barac (@midi-records-romania) avant @mutek_montreal ou il sera present,
et Sur @Bjarki sur la nouvelle sortie du label @Trip de Nina Kraviz. (@nina-kraviz)
Mix Playlist:
John Tejada - Lakewood Drive - @kompakt
Cottam - Washed Out (@cottam)
Anome - Comp For Andreas Gehm Part 2 - 03 Rumbled (@anome-one)
Conforce - Dark Days - delsin 115DSR
The Gods Planet - Time machine (@thegodsplanet)
HBNG - Alone Together - Henrik Bergqvist, Noah Gibson
Alex Falk - MR1
EDMX - Infinite Temperature
Cristian Vogel - Round - Sub rosa
Umwelt - State Of Matter (The Exaltics Remix) (@umwelt)
Resitance D. - Eclipse
Laurent Garnier- Virual breakdown (laboratoire mix) @laurent-garnier