mercredi 21 novembre 2018

Le Catalyste Standalone: Nathan Jonson (fka Hrdvsion / CA)

This week, Le Catalyste is very pleased to share this 1h eclectic session from the always smiling Nathan Jonson (@nathanjonson). His impressive discography, spread across labels such as Wagon Repair, Balkan Recordings, Rinse and International Deejay Gigolo, hints at a producer who has valued diversity above all. This set is a joyful travel into music growing from minimal broken electro pieces like Steven Julien "TEER" up to IDM with tracks like @Djrum "Sex" and the mythic Chaos A.D. "Psultan" remixed by Squarepusher. The final with "2 Bad Mice" shows how he loves digging the history of broken danceable electronic music ! Enjoy !


  1. XIII - The Boy 
  2. Steven Julien - TEER (Instrumental) 
  3. Glenn Astro - 3 Love Is Gone (Henry Wu Remix) 
  4. Manysheva - Still (Puzupuzu Remix) 
  5. Athlete Whippet - Hands Only (Max Graef Remix) 
  6. 30/70 - Get To Me (SETWUN Remix) 
  7. Kevin Murning - Crimson Sphere (Zanasi Wifi Remix) 
  8. Nigil Caenaan - January's End 
  9. aphtc - When Grounds Shift (The Otolith is Obsolete) 
  10. Djrum - Sex 
  11. Chaos A.D. - Psultan Part 1 
  12. Chaos A.D. - Psultan (Squarepusher Mix) 
  13. Breek - Oiwa (Massive Remix) 
  14. 2 Bad Mice - Gone Too Soon (Sully Remix) 
  15. Billa Bronx - Lithium
Le Catalyste Standalone: Nathan Jonson (fka Hrdvsion / CA)