mardi 3 septembre 2019

Le Catalyste Standalone: Arco5 (Arbouse Recordings / Toulouse / France) - IDM

This week is a live IDM session provided by French Artist ARCO5 (@arco5).
As many of IDM/electronica Artists, he was really active and touring a lot in the early 2K's, through various IDM/electronica/experimental events.

He also released a very nice Album on Arbouse Recordings, with other artists like Sink, Inlandsis, melodium, Audioroom... Since then, he continued releasing on his bandcamp, and I'm really happy to have him on Le Catalyste as his work merit some more exposure! 

Bye the way, there is actually a refreshing IDM/Electronica/Braindance wave which will en-light many younger and older talented artists.
Thanks Anthony for this great set !