vendredi 11 octobre 2019

Le Catalyste Standalone: UMA Soudsystem ( Nucleo / Villa Lugano / Argentina)

This week, we move South to Argentina, with UMA soundsystem (@umasoundsystem) from Villa Lugano, a neighborhood in the city of Buenos Aires. This techno lover was raised with albums from Underworld, Kraftwerk and The Chemical Brothers before he moved to techno inspired by Jeff Mills, Robert Hood, Zadig, Oscar Mulero, Cleric, among others, motivated to enter the Dj Nation.
He is also producer, and a very good producer !!
And I can warmly recommand the "Mision Romaniuk Ep" he just released on Greek imprint "Nomad Species" ! (@nomadspecies) (last track of the set)

he also made releases on Apical Records, Polygon & Trigonometryk, and more, is involved into local scene development and organize events as part of the NUCLEO crew.

His set is simple, sweet and bumpy! I really enjoyed listening to, with my foot always wanting to move and tap the tempo !
Enjoy ! (Find tracklist bellow. )



  • 000 Translate & Pulso - Nature Injection
  • 001 Albert Van Abbe - Function P
  • 002 La 4a - Ecstasy
  • 003 Ada Kaleh - O Seara De Ragaz
  • 004 Jackzone - PlayStation Jam
  • 005 Antigone - The Mechanists (Zadig Remix)
  • 005 ZADIG - DAGON
  • 006 Marcel Fengler - Thwack
  • 007 Aiken - Dominance (James Ruskin Remix)
  • 008 David Löhlein - Red Code
  • 009 Axel Karakasis - Stable Isolation (A.Paul DKULT REDUB Remix)
  • 010 Axel Karakasis - Counteract (DJ Dextro Remix)
  • 011 UMA Soundsystem - Contacto con los Arcturianos