mardi 23 février 2021

Le Catalyste Standalone: Urko (Lille - FR) - Dark Electro

The Standalone Series welcomes this week a seasoned DJ, Urko, (@urko) also formerly known as REDRUM. This Lille resident was active on the local techno scene for a long time and toured Belgian clubs in the early 2ks, eventually residing in the renowned "The Kiosk" in Lille. With HI-tech Procedure and his friend Eric Fetcher, they also organized a lot of gigs.
After a few years of hiatus, this historian of the northern scene returns to the decks through @moicflo and Les Charades Electroniques, and now on the web-radio ECUnderground where he manages the podcast "Drink My Soul" in the company of your host and Fik.
Very eclectic, he re-explores all styles: electronica, sci-fi techno or the rougher sounds of Birmingham.
He gives us here a rather Dark Electro and rough breaks set which brings together some classics: REGIS, TENSAL or LUKE SLATER, and more felt tracks, from his last encounters and peregrinations with ADJ, VSK, Kim COSMIK, oake or ERRORBEAUTY.



1. Regis – Everything is ahead of us
2. Regis – Calling down a curse
3. Luke Slater – O-Ton reassembled 5
4.Stanislav Tolkachev – Be careful and nobody dies
5. Luke Slater – O-Ton reassembled 6
6. ADJ – Lark
7. Arsonist Recorder – Coma toys
8. Johnfaustus – Andromeda
9. Sarin - Repression (Privacy rmx)
10. ADJ – Welcome to the future (2012)
11. K.T.S. - Metal archetype
12. Kim Cosmik – Information overload
13. K.T.S. - Sorginak
14. Tensal vs. Komatssu – Finite in nature
15. ADJ – Monday night blues
16. Errorreauty & Serge Geyzel – Cul-de-sac
17. Errorbeauty – Dropping backwards
18. Tensal vs. Komatssu – Asylum for the insane
19. VSK – First evidence
20. Errorreauty & Serge Geyzel – Now i see you
21. Oake - Tiharire