mardi 30 juillet 2019

Le Catalyste Standalone: Moteka (Skryptom / Marseille / FR ) - techno

This week, our guest is MOTEKA who just released his first album on Skryptöm : «As we fought Iron Giants » an imaginary soundtrack of a techno-steam-punk tale, where every track illustrates
the chapter of a heroic epic. ( @moteka, @skryptom-records)

With this solo project, Pierre has produced several EPs since 2015, inspired by the classic English techno scene such as Surgeon or Planetary Assault Systems. With Epic live sets, Moteka as become one of the leading act of the french label Skryptom with a dark, percussive, hypnotic techno and perfectly mastered production skills.

He is also very active as part of the truly exiting live alliance project "Möd3rn" (@m-d3rn) composed of french producers, Electric Rescue (head master of label Skryptöm records) and Maxime Dangles (sound wizard and former pillar of Kompakt records ) and : Kmyle. For the occasion, Möd3rn is renamed as Möd4rn !

In this set, you'll find many of his past released tracks ! Enjoy ! :)



1 Moteka - unreleased
2 Moteka - TCX 2290 (Skryptöm)
3 Psyk - Panic Attack (Tresor)
4 James Bong - Triple (Mind Trip)
5 Moteka - silent Automaton (Skryptöm)
6 Cardao - Acid Andromeda (Kmyle Remix) (Quartz Rec)
7 Moteka - Ghost in the Machine (Skryptöm)
8 Lathe - Werk (On Edge Society)
9 Moteka - Lost Drums Tape 7 (Flash rec)
10 Moteka - Marching robots (Skryptöm)
11 I am bam - Roller (Quartz Rec)
12 Paul Ritch - Doubies (Quartz Rec)
13 Moteka - Sad Machine (Skryptöm)
14 James Bong - Konductor (MindTrip)
15 Moteka - Hal 9000 (Children of tomorrow)
16 Neila - Kevin Klein (Newrhythmics)
17 ZPKF - Burning (Walking rec)
18 Moteka - Final Confrontation (Skryptöm)
19 Moteka - Wounded (Skryptöm)

lundi 8 juillet 2019

Le Catalyste Standalone: Laetitia Tónlistina (syn:haptic / Belgium) - braindance/electro/breakbeat

"Rephlex vibes are not dead!" This is how Laetitia Tonlistina introduced the set she sent to me last Week ! (@tonlistina)

This Brussels-based promoter, curator is passionate about electronic music and all their encompassing spheres. Involved in the Belgian scene since many years by organizing events via several concepts, this IDM activist is also highlighting new producers with her crew "syn:haptic".

Here, she provides us a 2h set mixing some classics with lot of new talents, reflecting the fresh and exciting braindance/electro scene. A tribute to her first love in music inspired by pioneer labels such as Rephlex, Skam, Schematic, Warp,.. melt with recent and inspiring ones such as Mechatronica, Wémé, Cultivated Electronics, Furthur Electronix, Central Processing Unit, Concrete Collage, New Flesh and Analogical Force.

Enjoy !

tracklist bellow!

SC: @tonlistina
IG :
FB :

  • 1. Bass Kittens - Silent Running / Justin Maxwell Mix ( Pretension)
  • 2. Datawave - In Stasis (forthcoming release)
  • 3. Adam Johnson - Autopop (Merck)
  • 4. Animistic Beliefs - Resequenced DNA (Cultivated Electronics)
  • 5. Tipper - On a Limb (Fuel)
  • 6. Aleski Perala - Papa Don’t Preach (Rephlex)
  • 7. Kosh - Null 212 (Casa Voyager)
  • 8. Shinra - Interstellar (Analogical Force)
  • 9. Phoenecia - Thong (Warp)
  • 10. Credit 00 - The Garden (Uncanney Valley)
  • 11. Junq - Closer (Furthur Electronix)
  • 12. Mu-Ziq - Mu-ziq Theme (Rephlex)
  • 13. No Moon - aoe_advancing (Craigie Knowes)
  • 14. Beatwife - Thunderon Show (Concrete College)
  • 15. Foreign Sequence & Jaquarius - The Eternal Overclock 499 (New Flesh)
  • 16. Droid Eater - Field Trip (Concrete College)
  • 17. The Fear Ratio - F15 (Skam)
  • 18. UNCOU - Medijate (Wémé)
  • 19. Wopr Maze - T1 (Demord)
  • 20. Cestrian - Speak & Spell (Mechatronica)
  • 21. AUX 88 - Electronic Robots / Dynamik Bass System (Puzzlebox)
  • 22. Scan0ne - Smoke Machine (Analogical Force)
  • 23. Velum Break - SIRFS (Touched)
  • 24. Binary Digit - MA-RTZ (Zeitnot)
  • 25. Silicon Scally - Formulant (Cultivated Electronics)
  • 26. Sound Synthesis - Neurolink Cyborg (Ukonx)
  • 27. Nullptr - Cybernoid (Solar One Music)
  • 28. Arsonist Recorder - Brain Mode (forthcoming on ZwaarteKracht)
  • 29. fxbip - Osmosis.AX (Coachella Violated EDM ears mix) (unreleased)
  • 30. EDMX - Tech Zero (Breakin’ Records)
  • 31. Microlith - Holy Flow (Central Processing Unit)

mercredi 5 juin 2019

Le Catalyste Standalone: Wlderz (Skryptöm / Newtrack / Paris ) - techno

Cette semaine, c'est le duo parisien "Wlderz" qui fait l'affiche du Catalyste avec un set d' 1h30 !! Ils parcourent les raves depuis 2 ans avec live set techno bien puissant, emprunt de sonorités et mélodies mélancoliques et profondes.. Ils ont sorti un Excellent Album sur Skryptöm en février dernier et plus récemment un maxi sur le très recommandé label New Rhythmic Records de Joton ! Enjoy !!

Sndcld: @Wlderz…astic-ocean-lp
@joton, @newrhythmicrecords, @skryptom-records

Ils seront le 08 juin en Dj Set pour "La Firme Papa" au Chinois =>
et le 21 juillet en Dj Set pour le Piknik ElectroniK Festival avec Adam Beyer =>

mercredi 22 mai 2019

Le Catalyste x Nuits Sonores 2019: Madben (Ellum / Astropolis / Paris) - techno

A l'approche des Nuits Sonores, Le Catalsyte monte en puissance avec Madben, nouveau porte étendard de la scène techno française avec la sortie en 2018 de "Frequence(s)", sur Astropolis Records.
Un album qui a beaucoup fait parlé de lui, si bien que Maceo Plex l'invitera a integrer l'écurie ELLUM pour un très beau maxi sorti en décembre dernier. Ils partageront la scène lors du DAY 3 des Nuits Sonores 2019 avec Jensen Interceptor et Danny Daze.

Il nous livre un set très progressif, efficace de bout en bout, avec un esprit Rave bien ancré, une techno qui résonne, et des mélodies inspirées! Il conclu inévitablement avec quelques classiques vu ses attaches avec le festival breton Astropolis, miroir de l'histoire de la techno! Enjoy :) !


  • 01. Specific objects - On first sight
  • 02. Dubspeeka - Mariana
  • 03. Madben - Landscape
  • 04. Elliot Adamson - Every single day (Lfo mix)
  • 05. 524F53 - Hard year
  • 06. Conforce - Carrier signal
  • 07. Buffered multiple - Prime time
  • 08. Madben - Exploration
  • 09. Das spezial - Romantic Schizophrenic
  • 10. Vainqueur - Lyot (Maurizio mix)
  • 11. Madben - Robots
  • 12. Modig - Latissimus
  • 13. Maribou state - Vale (HAAi’s requiem for a remix)

mardi 14 mai 2019

Le Catalyste x Nuits Sonores 2019: Melody (RA+RE / Paris)- techno

Cette semaine, Le Catalyste et les Nuits Sonores se mettent en cheville à l'approche du festival avec pour invitée MELODY (@melody-9)!
Cette artiste Parisienne fait partie du crew RA+RE Records (Qui se pronnonce "Rare" ;)), un gang de DJ féminin né à New-York et qui fera la clôture de l’édition 2019 tout le dimanche après-midi!

Melody nous livre ici un set frais, léger et très riche, un vrai voyage inter-style, avec des tracks rares et underground comme le revendique la direction artistique du label RA+RE!
Elle casse avec aisance les barrières des styles et passe en finesse de la deep house au breakbeat, atlernant références oldschool, techno décalée et diggeries bien pointues!
Un son parfait pour finir un festival qui s'annonce chargé comme d'habitude !


Et pour assister à son set accompagnée du label Ra+Re le dimanche 2 juin, la billeterie, c'est par ici !

mercredi 24 avril 2019

Le Catalyste Standalone: Karsten Pflum (Touched/Hymen - DK) - electro/electronica

This week guest is the Danish DJ and producer Karsten Pflum, known as a prolific artists able to perform ambient and gear oriented lives as well as multi genre DJ sets. He has released on many Electronica/weird/Noise recognized labels like Touched Music, Hymen, Worm interface, Ad Noiseam and more. He has sent us a nice killer electro/electronica set full of references showing his DJ skills and mastering of complex grooves! Enjoy (tracklist bellow)

You can hear and buy Karsten Pflum's newest EP "CITY OF THIEVES" here:…ital-version


  1. Renard With No Regard Featuring Ced-What? - We'll Make Your Body Move - 4 Sight Records
  2. FunkinEven - Roland's Jam - Eglo Records
  3. EOD - Moon - Not on Label
  4. Justin Cudmore - New Jack The House - The Bunker New York
  5. Jodey Kendrick - TBS1 - Djak-up-bitch (DUB)
  6. MNLTH - Dink - Central Processing Unit
  7. Tysk Raider - Drascart - Not on Label
  8. D'archangelo - Sepotwoeight - Rephlex
  9. TML - RHU (Justin Cudmore Remix) - Hotflush Recordings
  10. Anodyne - Gone - Analogical Force
  11. Posthuman - The Benz - Balkan Vinyl
  12. Bjørn Svin - Bus To Get Her - Endless Process
  13. Rolando Simmons - Filthy Bean - Not on Label
  14. Posatronix - Posatronix - Direct Beat
  15. The Shamen - Spacetime (Front Ear Mix) - One Little Indian
  16. Andrea - Future Atmo - Ilian Tape
  17. Andrea - Remade - Ilian Tape
  18. Skee Mask - Rev8617 - Ilian Tape
karsten pflum / Le Catalyste podcast

Le Catalyste Standalone: X-Truder (UK/Poland - Abseits Records) - Electro/techno/breaks

This week, for episode #101, Le Catalyste received an Electro oriented set from X-Truder. Leszek Romaniak is from Poland and living in UK (near Leeds) since 2006. What could we say about his style? ELECTRO, ELECTRO and ELECTRO ..... with a bit of Techno and Breax !! Leszek is getting more and more active on the scene. He already has some releases on Abseits Records and some on @crobotmuzik "Dalekovod 7" alongside artits like Errorbeauty, DVS NME, ADJ and many more... Last year, he made a lot of guest mix with Dark Science Electro, Tracklisting and Elektrodos, and he currently works on some new release coming out soon ! Check out this amazing set !!



  • 01 Shokh - The Man
  • 02 Jensen Interceptor & Assembler Code - FM Expander
  • 03 FJAAK - Matte
  • 04 Falbeil - Spoil The Girl
  • 05 Skee Mask - Dail 274
  • 06 Sync 24 & Alienata - Future Sound
  • 07 Delta Funktionen - Satellite Galaxies
  • 08 Monic - Stampede
  • 09 Galaxy Lane - Take Off
  • 10 Thomas Kress - Electronic Isolator
  • 11 Jensen Interceptor - Manix
  • 12 Commuter - Fragmented
  • 13 Broken Voltage Control - Humans
  • 14 Komarken Electronics - Drivkraft
  • 15 Galaxy Lane - Landed

mercredi 27 mars 2019

Le Catalyste Standalone: Cursor Miner (Uncharted Audio / London) - Electro/Electronica/Experimental

This is Le Catalyste #100 episode !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With one of My favorite Artist, named *///*// Cursor Miner ! *\\*\\\
This UK artist will come back soon with a new Album release! He has made his own style since the early 2k's with 5 albums from quirky pop songs to dancefloor stormers, which saw him touring around with some crazy costumes and a colourful and degenerated Rave spirit!!
This 1h45 live set he made exclusively for us starts with some modular Drone, grows into lofi dirty electro and squelchy acid techno, then comes back to some abstract beats with mad robot bongos all over the place! It ends with a very long dancefloor killer sequence with some more Beats ! Hope you'll all enjoy this excellent set as I do!!


- No tracklist... It's a Live set !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mardi 5 mars 2019

Le Catalyste Standalone: Diapasøn (Cosmic Wave Records / FR) - techno

Pour son 99eme épisode depuis sa création en 2015, Le Catalyste reçoit un excellentissime et doublement recommandé set de Diapsøn ! Originaire de la région parisienne et maintenant installé à Lyon, il gère le label Cosmic Wave Records  depuis 2015. C'est une figure montante de la scène techno, adepte du 100% vinyl, il a déjà cotoyé des artistes tels que Christian Wünsch, Bas Mooy, Skudge, Benjamin Damage, Marla Singer, Eric Fetcher, Lenson, Gemini Voice Archive et bien d'autres... Il sera d'ailleurs aux platines du Terminal ce vendredi avec avec Kike Pravda & VZ! Enjoy !!

  1. nitido (aleksi perälä remix) [semantica 87x]
  2. von grall - bad reputation [mdg009]
  3. wata igarashi - question and answer [bk029]
  4. desroi - vaccine [desroi002]
  5. leiras - north state [own014]
  6. yan cook - time bend [inertia-8]
  7. abstract division - dissonance [10yrdref003]
  8. mike parker - disintegrating sand [tresor289]
  9. trevino - black cat (roberto remix) [fauk008]
  10. deniro - nepal [tape012]
  11. bnjmn - hypnagogia pt. 2 (131dsr) Le Catalyste
  12. neel - re. vox [token76]
  13. thomas hessler - eclipse [clftrec004]
  14. versalife -- vortices [ship057]
  15. alessandro adriani - he who harnesses the souls [sa031]

Diapasøn (Cosmic Wave Records / FR) - techno

lundi 18 février 2019

Le Catalyste Standalone: Jake Mandell (Schematic / Boston USA) - techno/IDM

(English version and tracklist bellow)
Cette semaine, on redescend un peu, pour un set plus technoïde et mélodique, entre techno et IDM avec Jake Mandell. Son nom s'est fait fin des années 90 où ils composait des lives à partir de ses propres logiciels et des sorties sur Worm Interface et Forces Inc. entre autres. Il a d'ailleur travaillé quelques années chez Native Instrument à Berlin. Il revient sur le devant de la scène avec une tres belle release sur Schematic, petit cousin de WARP et Planete Mu façon US.…sonance

  1. Luigi Tozzi - Irini
  2. Elle - Thanatos 1
  3. Richard Devine - Across the Cell Wall
  4. Jake Mandell - Flowing Laves (unreleased)
  5. Kas:st - Endless Exodus (Takaaki Itoh remix)
  6. Stephan Bodzin - Catamaran
  7. Scott Stanley - Is This
  8. Hidden Empire - Panther
  9. Surgeon - Send the Dogs
  10. Jake Mandell - Echo Train
  11. Kangding Ray - Summerend

English Version:
This week, we come down a little, for a more techno and melodic set, between techno and IDM with Jake Mandell. His name came in the late '90s when he composed lives from his own software and released on Worm Interface and Forces Inc. among others. He worked for a few years at Native Instrument in Berlin. He returns to the front of the stage with a very nice release on Schematic, a cousin of WARP and Planete Mu way US.